Buy a Used Hybrid or Electric Car in Portland

Our city is about eco-consciousness, and for many that means when they drive, they want to drive hybrids or electric vehicles. Here at MINI of Portland, you can find those options plus the benefit of savings. We carry many used hybrid and pre-owned EVs at the dealership and want to showcase them all for you and help you see the benefits of either one of these fuel-saving or reducing options.

Know Your Pre-Owned Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Options

Are you not sure what the differences are between these two types of vehicles? That's okay! For many who are exploring options, particularly in our pre-owned lineup of EVs and hybrids, they want to know what's best for them, and we are here to guide you in the right direction. The basics are as follows:

  • A hybrid is a vehicle that has a gas engine paired with an electric motor to provide you with more efficiency on your daily drives. It is able to regenerate power from the battery via braking so you can maintain your goals of driving many miles between fill-ups relative to the size of your hybrid.
  • With a plug-in hybrid, you're getting a gas-electric combination, but this offers a small reserve of all-electric driving that can be recharged with a charger that can be plugged into a standard outlet in your garage or parking space. Plug-in hybrids, or PHEVs, give you the chance to drive locally without using gasoline to extend the range of your vehicle.
  • A fully electric vehicle is powered only by electric motors and batteries and uses no fossil fuels. It also doesn't need to have services like oil changes, and has a driving range, with many topping over 200 miles before needing to be replenished either by a professionally-installed Level 2 charger at your home, or any public charging and fast-charging station.

Picking between these three in our used lineup of hybrids and EVs is all about what appeals to you and the level of convenience, which we hope to show you when you come through to find out more.

Explore Our Current Used Hybrid and EVs For Sale

There are multiple brands and options that span different model years, mileages, and vehicle types as we carry lots of options. You can find popular brands including used hybrid and EV choices from MINI as well as used Tesla vehicles for sale here in Portland. Additionally, we have hybrid and EV offerings in our pre-owned selection from BMW, Honda, and Toyota.

We will showcase all choices in this evolving and ever-changing lineup, giving you the chance to experience it all in person and see which one meets your daily driving needs. Of course, we are here to not only help you find the right fit but to also ensure you can get the right financing too. This includes securing used car loan rates and ensuring you can get an affordable used hybrid or EV. The benefits are plentiful as you can drive in one of the more efficient options around, plus save on costs. With the right care, any hybrid or EV is going to last, and most options have an electric motor and battery warranties of 100,000 miles.

Come See Our Used Hybrid and EV Selection Today!

If you're ready to find out more and want to check out all the used cars we have at MINI of Portland, contact us here at the dealership and we'd be happy to assist you!