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Explore the Innovative Mini EVs in Portland

We know that every customer is looking for a daily drive, unlike any experience they have had before. That is where our new Mini EVs come into play. Head over to our dealership soon to learn more about these models and the benefits they bring to the table.

About an EV

Electric vehicles are changing the way we drive by replacing the combustion engine with an innovative power train. The battery and motors throughout an EV also lead to a series of benefits. That includes a higher level of efficiency, a cleaner drive, and so much more. We can also show you through some serious incentives that can be taken advantage of after buying a Mini Electric.

The Mini Electric

The first thing the new Mini Electric brings to the table is a range of up to 114 miles. That is enough to handle your daily drive with the utmost ease. Customers can also take advantage of a quick charging system to get their battery to 80 percent in moments. A growing infrastructure of public chargers will make it simple to own this new EV.

Not only is the new Mini Electric more efficient than other models, but it can also change the way you drive with its range of features. With up to 181 horsepower, you will have an exciting experience no matter where you are headed. The standout design and modern technology are just a few more examples of its quality.

Learn More About Mini EVs at Our Dealership

Visit or contact one of our professionals to learn more about the new Mini Electric. Customers can also explore other new models, like the Mini Countryman PHEV. Regardless of your choice, you will experience a drive unlike any you have had before.