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MINI Countryman Interior and Exterior Vehicle Features

The Mini Countryman


All-Wheel Drive

Traction Ready for the Off-Road

The name MINI Countryman evokes imagery of go-anywhere sensibilities. Thankfully this Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) has engineering that makes it extra capable. With the available ALL4 all-wheel drive system you can easily handle muddy backroads, rain-covered pavement, and even snowy terrains if you visit relatives in northern Cali during the winter.

MINI Countryman Interior and Exterior Vehicle Features

Engine Options


Don't let the MINI Countryman's larger size fool you; it's still packed with power. The all-new TwinPower turbo base engine is a 1.5L that delivers 134 horsepower and a whopping 162 lb-ft torque. You can get a larger 2.0L turbo with 189 horsepower and 2017 lb-ft torque. And even though most brands are doing away with the manual transmission, most MINI Countryman trims have either available or standard 6-speed m/t for extra control.

MINI Countryman Interior and Exterior Vehicle Features

Cargo Space

Plenty of Room for Storage

The 2019 MINI Country is the largest it's ever been, so don't be afraid to bring along more stuff for your friend's and family adventures. With all seats up you've have 17.6 cubic feet of cargo space, and if you fold the backseats flat you'll have 47.6 cubic feet. Now you just have to use your imagination to fill the back.

MINI Countryman Interior and Exterior Vehicle Features

More Features

MINI Countryman Interior and Exterior Vehicle Features

Interior Space


You'll be able to comfortably fit five inside the MINI Countryman. The Classic and Signature trims have Carbon Black Sensatec upholstery that mimics the look of leather and is easy to clean. Once you reach the Iconic trim you'll have premium leather.

MINI Countryman Interior and Exterior Vehicle Features

Safety Features

Impressive Advanced Safety Features

The MINI Countryman has a few impressive advanced safety features. With the Active Driving Assistance system you'll get forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking. There is also available LED headlights for better visibility when you're zipping around in your MINI at night.

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Driving the New Mini Countryman

Whether you live in Portland or one of the surrounding areas, we are here to help you find a new way to drive. Take our new Mini Countryman, for example. This is a rugged and exciting model that will tackle any challenge you have planned. Here is a bit about what the Countryman can do for you.


Under the hood of a new Mini Countryman, you can find one of two engine options. There is a TwinPower Turbo 1.5L three-cylinder and a TwinPower Turbo 2.0L four-cylinder. Customers can also get an available all-wheel drive system that adds to that overall package. This means you can truly feel confident whether taking on mud, sand, or snow.


The four-door design and spacious cabin allow up to five passengers to come along for the ride. This makes the new Mini Countryman perfect for any family throughout the area. You can bring whatever needs to come along for the ride with up to 47.6 cu. ft. of cargo space, as well.

Other New Models

Customers that are not interested in the Countryman can also explore a range of other new models when working with us. Choose a new Mini Electric if you are looking for a level of efficiency and innovation that is hard to match. This is just the start of what we offer.

Here are some of the other new models you can find with us.

Test Drive the New Mini Countryman in Portland

We encourage every shopper to visit our dealership soon and experience a new Mini Countryman. One of our professionals will work to understand what you need and get you a deal that works for your budget. Start your process with a test drive to feel the quality for yourself.