Drivers hope that their travels don't result in unfortunate mishaps, but vehicles could become disabled without warning. Flat tires, undiagnosed mechanical problems, and even bad weather may leave a vehicle stranded. Keeping a roadside emergency kit in the trunk might help when things prove concerning.

A roadside emergency kit could contain valuable items, such as road markers, flashlights, tires, and other tools, along with weather-protections belongings. A raincoat and a blanket may have value when temperatures prove uncomfortable.

Don't ignore the importance of keeping water and some food in the car. An extra charger or even a disposable phone might have benefits, too. Drivers unsure about what things to keep in a vehicle could perform some research. Pre-packaged roadside emergency kits available by auto suppliers may be worth purchasing.

MINI of Portland could help drivers with routine maintenance. A well-maintained vehicle might avoid some common mishaps that lead to problems.


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