Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that moves through hoses to apply pressure to the brakes when you press your foot on the brake pedal.

There cannot be any amount of air in the brake systems or else the brakes won’t properly function.

How To Properly Inspect Bake Fluid And Reservoir

The brake fluid reservoir is easily located under the hood of the car, and you can properly inspect it by using a flashlight.

If the brake fluid is a clear amber color, that means your brakes have been serviced recently.

On the contrary, if your brake fluid is dark and muddy-looking, a brake flush is necessary for properly changing out the fluid without letting air into the system.

The Three Types Of Brake Fluid

  • DOT3
  • DOT3 is the least expensive and most commonly used brake fluid.
  • DOT4 and DOT5

These are two types of high-performance brake fluids that are used in high-performance automobiles.


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