What's the Big Deal About Belts and Hoses?

Here at MINI of Portland, we often notice that our customers don't really know that much about the vehicles they drive. Besides knowing when to put gas in, change the oil or bring the vehicle in for servicing, many people don't understand what goes on under the hood. The belts and hoses of a car are very important, and we feel that drivers should know a bit about what they do.

Automobile belts, especially timing belts, are used to drive important parts like the alternator, the air conditioning compressor, and the water pump. A worn-out belt can snap and cause any of these parts to stop working. A belt that is fraying, causes the car to backfire or has worn teeth should be replaced.

Hoses are also very important to your car's health. Hoses help to keep your cooling system in working order. They should be replaced when cracking or splitting.

If you notice any of the above happening, we encourage you to give us a visit at MINI of Portland.

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