What Brake Pads Do?

Brake pads are a crucial component of your car. Indeed, overall motoring safety depends upon properly functioning brake pads.

In basic terms, brake pads push onto the rotor. When than occurs, the pressure of the pad causes friction to develop. This results in the vehicle slowing down. Brake pads are composed of two elements. These are the shoe and the lining. The lining itself wears out over time, necessitating a replacement of the brake pad. Oftentimes, a car owner seeks out the assistance of a professional to replace a brake pad.

If you think your brake pads have worn down, the time may have arrived for service on your braking system. If you need your braking system serviced, or if you require any other type of service, visit the professionals at MINI of Portland. Located in Portland, OR, our service team stands ready to assist you at your convenience.

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