When you're driving on the road at night, try to shift your focus to something else on the road aside from the oncoming headlights. This will help to reduce the glare that you experience when you're meeting another car. If you're driving on a busy highway, then consider slightly looking to the right side of the road instead of the center of the roadway.

An option for reducing glare at night is to wear nighttime glasses. They are coated on the front of the lens and the back. This design is similar to sunglasses and reduces the glare from headlights as well as other light sources when you're driving.

If you're driving during the day, keep your visor down to reduce the glare from the sun. You can position the visor so that it reduces glare from the sun shining through your driver's window as well. MINI of Portland can offer directions for changing the position of the visor.



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