How to Differentiate an Oversteer and an Understeer

If your car doesn't turn exactly in the direction that you want it to, you could either be experiencing an oversteer or an understeer. Both of these situations can be dangerous if there other vehicles, pedestrians, or obstacles nearby. There are many stability features built into some of the models that we have at MINI of Portland to account for steering issues.

During an oversteer, your car will be turning more sharply than expected. This is more likely to happen in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, since the back wheels are where all the power is being delivered. If you've ever fishtailed or spun out when turning, you've been in an oversteer.

An understeer is when the opposite occurs. Your vehicle will travel straight, or relatively straight, instead of turning as you'd like it to. This is more likely to occur in a front-wheel-drive vehicle, where the front wheels are expected to both power the car and steer.



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