How to Safely Jump Start a Neighbor's Car

At MINI of Portland, we know that many folks around Portland, OR are helpful people. You'd surely help a neighbor who needed their car jumped. Here's how to safely do that.

First, park your car near the drained car's front bumper. You'll need both cars parked with brakes engaged. If either of the cars is a manual, place it in Neutral. Remember that you're dealing with electricity and awkward cables throughout this process. Find the drained battery's positive terminal. Clamp your positive cable to it. Next, clamp the opposite end of the positive cable to the charged car's corresponding terminal, and connect your negative cable to the negative terminal.

You're now dealing with live cables! To avoid sparks, choose a metal piece of the drained auto's engine block for the last clamp. With all clamps firmly engaged, start the charged car. After two minutes, attempt starting the other car. If several attempts fail, your neighbor's battery likely needs replacement.

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