Your owner’s manual will give you a good indication of when it’s time to replace certain belts in your engine, like the timing or serpentine belts. As this is simply a ballpark figure and doesn’t address the myriad of other hoses and belts, regular inspections of your engine are necessary to catch fraying or cracked parts before they leave you stranded.

There’s an impressive network of hoses and belts in your engine that allows various fluids easy transit to systems where they’re needed or aids in synchronization of movement between parts. Both time and the high heat environment of your engine take their toll on even the toughest belt or hose material, causing cracks and other signs of deterioration.

Regular maintenance that includes multi-point inspections can alert a mechanic to the state of a failing engine part. Replacing belts and hoses will not only avoid a breakdown, it will also keep your engine performing efficiently, saving you money.


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