Motor oil myths have always misled most car users, and it is time to educate them on these myths and how true they are. Some of these myths have worked as marketing strategies for most companies, but let's look at the list below.

Myth: That bulk oil is of lower quality than the bottled motor oil
False. The bulk oil is still the same type of oil in the smaller bottles and usually sold out at a retail price.

Myth: Oil only gets dirty, it never wears out
False. Most oil additives will weaken as the engine oil continues to be used.

Myth: Thick oil is much better
?Thicker oil can only work better for the older engines, whereby most engine parts have worn out over the years. It is always advisable to stick with viscosity weights as advised by the manufacturer of each particular engine. The thickness is usually selected by the manufacturer to help protect all the moving parts.



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