Noticing odd things happening when you apply your brake? Don't ignore it! Instead, keep watch for the following signs of needing a brake repair. If you notice any of them, get your car to the shop, as soon as you can.

  1. Squealing and Screeching: Does stopping your car make you embarrassed? Those loud noises are a signal you have some serious issues on your hands. Get to the shop quickly!
  2. Less Than Firm Braking: When you apply your brake, the pedal should feel firm. Does it feel soft, instead? If so, have your mechanic check it out. It may be time to get those brakes replaced.
  3. Excessive Pulling: When you apply your brakes, does you vehicle pull significantly to one side or the other? If so, it could be an indicator of a couple of things, but to be safe, have your mechanic do a quick brake check to rule it out.


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