Follow These Tips to Protect Your Car From Salt Corrosion

If you keep your vehicle protected during the winter, it will help your vehicle retain its value. During the winter, salt on the streets increase safety, but it can cause a problem for your vehicle. With these tips from MINI of Portland, you can protect your vehicle from salt corrosion in Portland this winter.

Salt that's left on a vehicle can cause damage to the finish and promote rust. It's important to avoid driving through puddles where salt may have accumulated, and avoid driving through deep snow because this can also have a negative impact on your vehicle.

To keep your vehicle in optimal shape this winter, wash it as soon as possible after a snowstorm, and try to wash it every 10 days. It's also important that you keep your vehicle's undercarriage rinsed. You can also apply a coat of protective wax to your vehicle before winter sets in to prevent rust from forming.


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