We thoroughly understand automotive batteries at MINI of Portland. Use our advice to assess whether it's time to replace your battery.

If you've driven your car three years or more, your battery is likely in the second half of its life. To potentially lengthen its lifespan, we can expertly clean corrosion from your battery's posts. Also, we can test its charge-holding capability.

When your battery can no longer hold a charge, you can replace it with a conventional battery or a lithium model. We recommend using a lithium battery if you plan to own your car for several additional years. Its cell technology retains an electrical charge significantly longer than its conventional counterpart. Conventional batteries use lead-acid cells. This technology originated in 1859, but it is certainly a good choice if you plan to drive your car just a couple more years. Now, you certainly know more about car batteries than you probably thought you ever might.


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