Cars can be smoky and oily, and as such, it can be easy for many drivers to ignore oil spills or noxious fumes. That said, oil and smoke can be strong predictors of certain serious car issues. One car issue that smoke or oil may predict is vehicle starter failure.

Car starters are electrical and mechanical devices that are responsible for turning vehicle flywheels and starting motors. Starters are made up of many different pieces, and as they begin to age or sustain damage, these various parts can fail. Luckily, they usually send clear signals on their way to complete failure.

Portland vehicle owners who notice oil or smoke emanating from their engine compartments may want to give their starter systems attention. Many starters conduct high levels of current as they operate, and issues with wiring or other electrical components may cause smoke and overheating. Oily starters are often trouble as well. Starters with significant amounts of grease, oil, or other contaminants on their gears may have trouble properly engaging with engine flywheel systems.


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