Looking at the Different Types of Winter Tires

With the availability of winter tires and the weather, you are going to need to know the type of winter tires you are going to be looking at. There are three different types of winter tires. They are studded winter tires, studless winter tires and performance winter tires. They each give you benefits.

With the studded winter tires, you are going to have metal studs that dig into ice, but may damage the road. The studless is a nicer alternative for the road. It takes care of the snow and maintains traction without the snow. The performance snow tires are a bit of a compromise for areas that get a little bit less snow.

The type of tire that you choose should be dependent on the area you live in and the general weather condition. While weather conditions can change in any area, it is still good to be prepared for what you get on average.



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