Simple Steps for Avoiding a Tire Blowout

Avoiding a tire blowout takes some work, but it will only require a few minutes of your day to improve the safety of your ride. Here are a couple ways to protect your car and tires from a blowout, as recommended by our team of MINI service experts.

If the tire pressure indicator in your vehicle shows low air pressure in one tire, get to the filling station and add air. If your vehicle does not have these sensors, use a tire gauge once a week to check for under-inflated tires because they will lead to a blowout. While you are checking the air pressure, give a look to the treads on each tire, too. You are looking for any crack, bulges, or patches of uneven wear, all concerns for a possible blowout.

At the very first sign of issues with the car tires, come down to MINI of Portland so our crew can inspect them and rotate them to help extend the tread life.

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