Your Car's Headlights Matter. Here's Why.

When you're driving at dusk, dawn, or in the darkness, your headlights let other drivers know you're there. Even if you're driving during the daylight hours, your headlights can alert other cars as to your location. Unfortunately, if your car's headlights aren't working correctly, you won't reap the benefit of having headlights.

Are your lights turning on each time you drive? Are they dimmer than usual? You might need to have your bulbs replaced. At MINI of Portland, we can perform this task for you. Some vehicles require the front bumper to be removed in order to replace the bulbs, so don't attempt this at home. Another possibility is that you may need new headlights entirely. This is a simple process that we can assist you with.

Don't drive with unsafe headlights. Keep your family as safe as possible by visiting our auto repair facility and allowing us to help you with your headlights.

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