What is Synthetic Oil? Does Your Car Need it?

Everybody knows that any vehicle needs to have oil changed on a regular basis. Failing to do so can be potentially deadly to your engine. Often when we walk in to the shop, the technician will ask if we need conventional or synthetic oil. While most motorists are familiar with conventional oil, many do not know what synthetic oil is, or whether their car needs it.

At its most basic level, synthetic motor oil is oil that has been specifically formulated to maximize protection, performance, and fuel economy. This process generally involves distillation, purification, and the breaking down of the oil's individual molecules to specifically tailor it to the demands of a modern engine.

A quick glance at your vehicle's owner manual should let you know whether you need to use synthetic oil for your next oil change. Residents of Portland, Oregon can drop by MINI of Portland, where we will be happy to make sure that your car gets the oil that it needs at your next oil change appointment.

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