MINI Parked a Favorable Spot in Consumer Reports

What Brands Make the Best Cars?
In our much-anticipated annual ranking, Consumer Reports' exclusive testing and member survey data reveal the best and worst automotive brands overall.

PORSCHE PULLS INTO the top spot this year, leapfrogging third-place Subaru, Those score remains unchanged. Genesis holds steady in second place. Those are CR's findings based on our exclusive testing and member surveys. The leaders benefit from outstanding results in our road test and reliability and owner satisfaction surveys, which are factored into each model's Overall Score. The best brands on this list tend to have more vehicles in their product lineups that consistently performed well.

CR recommends all the Porsche, Genesis, and Mazda (another top brand) models we've tested. Subaru falls just short of that distinction because of the below-average predicted reliability of its WRX sedan. Tesla was the biggest gainer, climbing eight positions due to the improved reliability of the Model 3 and Model S sedans.   The bottom brands are also an unchanged club, with Fiat, Mitsubishi, Jeep, Land Rover, Cadillac, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, and GMC again falling short. We tested a total of 36 models from those brands, and we recommend only one, the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Brands that move slightly up or down in our ranking tend to have new or redesigned model offerings, such as Audi with the A6 and AS, or changes in predicted reliability. Shoppers should remember that models from all brands can vary in reliability performance.

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