MINI Touring Cycle Holder

Luggage Rack

Racing Cycle Holder, Lockable

MINI Racing Cycle Holder

MINI Roof Box

MINI Touring Bike Holder

MINI Bicycle Holder

MINI Surfboard Holder

MINI Universal Holder

MINI Interior Cleaner

MINI Glass Cleaner with Antifog

MINI Wheel Cleaner Gel

MINI Express Wax

MINI Car Wash Shampoo Concentrate

MINI Vinyl Care

MINI Tree Sap Remover

MINI Soft Top Cleaner

MINI Soft Top Repellent

The versatile folding bucket is made of robust, waterproof polyester fabric. This makes it ideal not just as a car wash accessory but also as a practical container for car care products or for shopping items. The bucket easily folds up and can be stowed away in a special carrier bag to save space. Capacity: 2.9 gallons.

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